March 23, 2022

CAFELET LLC (“CAFELET”) offers to factor INVOICES.

A copy of the INVOICE to be factored should be sent to cafelet-factoring@change2100.com along with coordinates for the funds to be sent.

If the INVOICE and request is accepted by CAFELET, CAFELET would have HOWSE SERVICES, INC (“HOWSE”) issue an INTERNATIONAL BILL OF EXCHANGE (“IBOE”), for the amount of the INVOICE plus Attorney fees for processing, for the benefit of the USA FEDERAL COURT OFFICER that witnesses the issuing of the IBOE.

The Attorney would undertake to CLEAR the IBOE as per https://www.change2100.com/GTD/contents/en-us/d3770_372.-CLEARING.html (“CLEARING”)

Once the IBOE is CLEARED, the Attorney, as PAYMASTER, would transfer the funds to the account designated by the entity that requested the factoring.

It is the responsibility of the entity requesting the factoring to refer VENDORS and BUYERS that HOWSE AFFILIATES involved in the CLEARING may use to obtain profits with which the funds for factoring may be provided.

Until referrals that produce business profits, to be disbursed as per CLEARING, of sufficient amount for the factoring to take place, are obtained by CLEARING of the IBOE, factoring of the INVOICE will be held in abeyance.

For more information send an email to cafelet-factoring@change2100.com