March 19, 2022

By advertising to sell products, services, real estate, etc., hereinafter “ITEMS”, in https://www.change2100.com/GTD/ (“GTD”), a VENDOR may sell to HOWSE SERVICES, INC (“HOWSE”) AFFILIATES.

To advertise in GTD a VENDOR may purchase UNIFORM ADVERTISING WEEK SERVICES (“UAWS”) offered by U.S. PROFESIONALES DE EL SALVADOR, S.A. DE C.V. (“USPES”), paying $1,000 UNITED STATES DOLLARS per week of advertising.

For each week of UAWS advertising purchased from USPES, a value of $2,000 UNITED STATES DOLLARS would be registered as a 200% REBATE from HOWSE SERVICES, INC (“HOWSE”) in an account established for the VENDOR in https://www.change2100.com/TRUST/HOWSE/howse.html

Once REBATES registered in an account exceed $100,000 UNITED STATES DOLLARS, upon request from the account BENEFICIARY, the account would be debited that amount and credited with an INTERNATIONAL BILL OF EXCHANGE (“IBOE”) issued by HOWSE.

HOWSE IBOE are cash funds, with use and acceptance regulated by law.

See https://www.change2100.com/IBOE-LAW/iboe-law.html

A VENDOR would receive a PURCHASE ORDER issued by a HOWSE AFFILIATE, for ITEMS advertised through GTD; for a total value of $50,000 UNITED STATES DOLLARS per each week of UAWS advertising purchased by the VENDOR; with the AFFILIATE offering to pay for ITEMS priced at twice the VENDOR’s cost, or twice the current market value, whichever is greater.

By issuing a corresponding INVOICE, the VENDOR would receive a HOWSE IBOE as payment.

CLEARING of HOWSE IBOE, issued in exchange for accumulated REBATES or as payment for INVOICES, would be activated as soon as the IBOE are issued, as per https://www.change2100.com/GTD/contents/en-us/d3770_372.-CLEARING.html

CLEARING uses services and values in a major European Bank, in a major USA Bank, and in an IOLTA of a USA Federal Court Officer.

CLEARING disbursements are made through the IOLTA.

As for the ITEMS, they may be left on consignment with the VENDOR, to be resold.

Although there is no requirement to provide referrals for CLEARING, if ITEMS are left on consignment, in addition to accelerating CLEARING for the VENDOR, income from reselling ITEMS could be retained by the VENDOR as compensation for providing productive referrals.

In the event a VENDOR does not wish to purchase UAWS advertising and does not wish to accept HOWSE IBOE as payment, another party may apply with a HOWSE AFFILIATE to be a SURROGATE for the VENDOR and

  1. Purchase UAWS advertising.


  3. Issue an INVOICE to the HOWSE AFFILIATE.

  4. Receive HOWSE IBOE as payment.

  5. Refer business for clearing.

  6. Purchase the ITEMS as per normal VENDOR price.

  7. Pocket the difference between that price and the value of HOWSE IBOE as profit for the SURROGATE!

  8. Accept or arrange consignment of the ITEMS for resale, and keep income from resells as compensation for referring business for CLEARING of HOWSE IBOE.

Being a VENDOR to a HOWSE AFFILIATE, or being a SURROGATE for a VENDOR that does not wish to conform to this protocol, could be extraordinarily lucrative!

For more information send an email to profit@change2100.com