November 19, 2021

Banks often issue MEDIUM TERM NOTES (“BANK MTN”) as a way of raising capital, and sell the BANK MTN at a discount through regulated markets.

However, there is always the possibility that an issuer may not be able to redeem the BANK MTN at term.

CAFELET, a Texas USA entity, has significant UNITED STATES DOLLARS cash deposits (“CAFELET CASH”) held in a PRIVATE BANK in a subaccount of a TRUST account of an Attorney that is a USA FEDERAL COURT OFFICER.

Based on verifiable (through the Attorney) CAFELET CASH, CAFELET may purchase and resell for profit a plethora of real-world products and services, $Trillions of UNITED STATES DOLLARS of many of which have already been contracted and prepaid so that CAFELET has ready access to them.

Thus, any entity that wishes to acquire BANK MTN, if choosing to do so through a JVA overseen by CAFELET, may rely on commerce by CAFELET to recover any loss that may be incurred related to BANK MTN purchased thereby.

For example, any entity may use commercial credit provided by CAFELET to undertake commerce as per https://www.change2100.com/GTD/contents/en-us/d3689_305.-CAFELET-GOLD--.html to totally offset losses.

For more information send an email to cafelet-bankmtn@change2100.com