November 19, 2021

CAFELET is a Texas USA entity, which through TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC has access to food resources around the world, and CAFELET has significant UNITED STATES DOLLARS cash deposits (“CAFELET CASH”) held in a PRIVATE BANK in a subaccount of a TRUST account of an Attorney that is a USA FEDERAL COURT OFFICER.

Based on verifiable (through the Attorney) CAFELET CASH, CAFELET may purchase food (“CAFELET FOOD”) from VENDORS from around the world and resell to BUYERS.

Any business may use CAFELET FOOD to totally eliminate its costs of doing business, while contributing to eliminate hunger around the world.

See https://www.change2100.com/GTD/contents/en-us/d3684_300.-CALMING-STORMS-.html

That is, costs of employment, costs of purchases, costs of marketing, operating costs, etc.


A business can position itself as a CAFELET FOOD BUYER (“BUYER”), and may issue a PURCHASE ORDER, for an agreed upon quantity and price (“SURROGATE PRICE”), to a CAFELET SURROGATE.

The same business can position itself as a CAFELET FOOD RESELLER (“VENDOR”), and CAFELET may issue a PURCHASE ORDER, for a price equal to twice SURROGATE PRICE, to repurchase the CAFELET FOOD from the business; which CAFELET may then resell to other entities or provide to eliminate hunger.

The “secret ingredient” that makes this undertaking possible and profitable is a method of payments that may be used in the process.

FIDES GESTION FINANCIERA, S.A.P.I. DE C.V. (“FIDES”), has executed a number of agreements as per https://www.change2100.com/THIBMART/DIRECTORY-1/contents/en-us/d84_-29.-FIDES-JVA-TEMPLATE.html (“JVA”).

The business, as BUYER, instead of paying its purchase order to the SURROGATE, may contract with an existing JVA, and use the funds required for payment, or an acceptable payment guarantee, as an asset to be used as per the JVA.

Through the JVA, the business may contract with professional traders through a law firm chosen by FIDES, to have the asset used as the basis for non-depletion MEDIUM TERM NOTE trading.

Profits, as allowed by the JVA, may be used, on behalf of the BUYER, to pay the PURCHASE ORDER to the SURROGATE.

Similarly, the JVA will use assets provided by CAFELET through the Attorney, to be used to obtain profits and, on behalf of CAFELET, pay the PURCHASE ORDER issued by CAFELET to the business (functioning as VENDOR).

Thus, without a business having to take delivery of CAFELET FOOD, the process as described can provide profits to a business to offset all business costs!

For more information send an email to cafelet-food-trading@change2100.com