November 17, 2021

In 2008 when the “banking crisis” occurred, Dr. Anal Fekete gave a presentation at the University of California at Santa Clara, that may be reviewed in https://www.chips-corner.com/GIDEON/contents/en-us/d22.html

In that presentation Dr. Fekete concludes that the answer is to go back to the “real bill gold backed system with clearing”.

In his view the problem, which he felt would inevitably lead to chaos and economic disaster, was the introduction of “fiat currency” just before World War I.

Part of that introduction was the USA FEDERAL RESERVE ACT, which opened the door for fiat currency by focusing on “current funds in lawful money” as the first monetary entry in https://www.federalreserve.gov/aboutthefed/section13.htm

However, in subsequent years, instead of following Dr. Fekete’s advice, in response to restrictive monetary policies, imposed primarily by or through banking policies and regulations, the world began to increase the use of “fiat currency” through the introduction of CRYPTO CURRENCY.

It is undeniable that “fiat currency” in any form has been an accelerator for economic growth since its inception.

It is also undeniable that the use of “fiat currency”, creating money without intrinsic value and without clearing is a root cause of periodic economic chaos in the world.

Thus, the TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC 2016 BUSINESS MODEL (“MODEL”) has implemented a combined approach.

That is, any form of currency may be used in commerce, and any form of currency may be cleared (or taken out of circulation in the market) by using a “real bill gold backed system with clearing”.

To that end, based on current monetary laws, HOWSE SERVICES, INC (“HOWSE”) has implemented the use of INTERNATIONAL BILLS OF EXCHANGE (“IBOE”), backed by specific “fiat currency” as well as by assets, including gold, owned or available to HOWSE, issued as per the UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE of Texas and as per UNCITRAL international trade law.

Once issued, HOWSE IBOE are placed into custody with an Attorney for CAFELET (a Texas USA entity) that is a USA FEDERAL COURT Officer, and that Attorney may use the HOWSE IBOE to obtain UNITED STATES DOLLARS deposits in selected institutions.

The importance of registering deposits in UNITED STATES DOLLARS value is that a UNITED STATES DOLLAR is not a currency, it is a measure of value of currencies.

See https://www.chips-corner.com/GIDEON/contents/en-us/d20.html

For example, the Attorney may use HOWSE IBOE to register UNITED STATES DOLLARS on deposit with a Private Bank established by an Entity, so declared by the INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE.

Once the deposit is made in the Private Bank, it can only be moved as per instructions that CAFELET may provide to the Attorney, but it may be used without moving and without depletion to undertake commercial transactions for profit.

And, as per instructions provided to the Attorney, the HOWSE IBOE and the deposit may also be cleared through commerce.

This brings us to a solution to calm the storms occasionally caused by “fiat currency” or other factors, such as inflation, restrictions on commerce, bankruptcies, etc.

Any entity may use any form of currency to do business within any institution or platform, without concern about fluctuations in use or purchasing power or intrinsic value of currency used.

The reason is that by an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR registered with the MODEL structuring transactions as per protocols of the MODEL, any form of currency, once obtained by an entity that does business through the CONTRACTOR, may be exchanged for UNITED STATES DOLLARS deposited into the Private Bank, and thereafter used without depletion to undertake commerce for profit.

Thus, subject to approval by CAFELET and the Attorney, any loss due to currency fluctuations may be recovered and surpassed by using value in the Private Bank in a stream of commercial transactions.

And, the currency that was exchanged may be cleared much as plastic filling our oceans may be collected and either recycled, transformed, or put into safe storage.

Thus, by combining the safety net proposed by Dr. Fekete of “real bill gold backed system with clearing” with the economic acceleration provided by legitimate forms of “fiat currency”, every entity may work with CONTRACTORS to implement customized strategies to open doors for business growth while providing economic safety.

For example, a business may purchase at a high price, use a customized strategy to profit prior to selling to an end buyer, and make “offers they can’t refuse” to end buyers.

In short, inflation and other economic woes do not have to be an insurmountable problem!

Why not learn how to benefit from this “real bill gold backed system with clearing” and also enjoy economic benefits of “fiat currency” by consulting with an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR?

For more information send an email to contractor@change2100.com