November 14, 2021

If intermediaries have buyers for any product or service, they may apply to have a JOINT VENTURE AGREEMENT (“JVA”) with FIDES GESTION FINANCIERA, S.A.P.I. DE C.V. (“FIDES”) as per https://www.change2100.com/THIBMART/DIRECTORY-1/contents/en-us/d84_-29.-FIDES-JVA-TEMPLATE.html or they may arrange to do business through existing JVA that others have with FIDES.

Buyers may purchase as per their normal protocols and vendors may sell as per their normal protocols.

But intermediary profits can be significantly greater!

The reason is because intermediary agreements may be arranged based on the JVA.

For example, if a vendor sells something for $1 UNITED STATES DOLLARS per unit, and a buyer would be open to buying for $1.10 UNITED STATES DOLLARS, a profit intermediaries could share could be $0.10 UNITED STATES DOLLARS per unit.

But, if intermediaries use a JVA, a vendor could receive the same amount, a buyer could pay the same amount, but the profit that could be shared could be any negotiated amount, such as $0.50 UNITED STATES DOLLARS or more per unit.

Or, arrangements could be made for vendors to sell at higher prices, for intermediaries to earn greater profits, and for buyers to pay net zero out of pocket!

For more information send an email to jva-business@change2100.com