10 29 2021

One batter at a time stands at home plate, but many batters may stand at home plate during a game.

HOWSE SERVICES, INC (“HOWSE”) uses gold as its “home plate” in a game of economics.

HOWSE has mining concessions with an appraisal including gold, in the USA, with exceptional value.

HOWSE has prepaid significant UNITED STATES DOLLARS in value for future delivery of gold from other mining concerns.

An INTERNATIONAL BILL OF EXCHANGE (“IBOE”) issued by HOWSE is always specifically fully collateralized by CRYPTO CURRENCY amounts, equal in value to the face amount of the HOWSE IBOE.

CRYPTO CURRENCIES are now lawful currency that may be used as per the UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE of TEXAS, USA; and, HOWSE is a TEXAS corporation!

And, because a HOWSE IBOE commits HOWSE as the issuer, the full value of assets owned by HOWSE, including gold, back the HOWSE IBOE.

Since HOWSE IBOE may be collected individually, and collection frees up their collateral, gold assets owned by HOWSE is sufficient to cover collection of each HOWSE IBOE, for all HOWSE IBOE that may be issued.

Just as a baseball home plate can accommodate all batters, one at a time, HOWSE gold can accommodate each HOWSE IBOE, and many HOWSE IBOE may be processed without ever running out of gold!

HOWSE IBOE, witnessed and held in escrow by an Attorney that practices in USA FEDERAL COURTS, can literally gold-plate business!

How about putting gold to work for your business?

How about gold-plating your CRYPTO by having it used as collateral for HOWSE IBOE?

How about your business buying gold with zero net cost, by cooperating with the Attorney to cash in on HOWSE IBOE?

How about your business selling gold at higher than market price and repurchasing gold at zero net cost?

How about arranging for your business to be made financially sound, including recovering from any business loss, by standing on HOWSE gold?

To find out how, start a conversation by sending an email to howse-gold@change2100.com