October 4, 2021

Roland (Bob) De’Gouvie passed this last week.   He has been a loyal supporter to provide success to everyone.

Now, his widow needs support.

Bob provided a business resource through which everyone can benefit because of trading that resource can accomplish.

But their trading requires traditional funds in order to function.

The basis for obtaining such traditional funds using the TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC 2016 BUSINESS MODEL (“THI MODEL”) is commerce based on ownership or options to buy products and services, availability of legal funds (traditional or otherwise) that may be used to construct a transaction, and an END BUYER.

TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC has accumulated very significant value in products and services owned, as well as options to buy from tens of thousands of sources.

U.S. PROFESIONALES DE EL SALVADOR, S.A. DE C.V. (“USPES”) has CRYPTO CURRENCY, SPURT, in extraordinary quantities, making the value thereof inconsequential, albeit within the THI MODEL the value thereof is set at $20 UNITED STATES DOLLARS each; which recently, in Texas, has become current funds in lawful money that may be used as per the Texas UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE.

Several HOWSE affiliate firms have arranged END BUYERS that currently are arranging affairs to make major purchases.

But that may take time to come to fruition; time that Bob’s widow doesn’t have!

So, charity could be one answer, and a site has been created for that purpose.

See https://givetaxfree.org/campaigns/roland-bob-and-irene-de-goveia-need-help/

But, a better answer for her as well as for those wishing to help her may be to provide means to unleash the economic power available through USPES.

USPES makes available financial resources, for use within the THI MODEL, based on purchases of UNIFORM ADVERTISING WEEK SERVICES (“UAWS”) offered by USPES.

For example, to obtain funds to undertake business as per the THI MODEL as an intermediate buyer (i.e., for items purchased to be resold), an entity may be supported with $1 Million UNITED STATES DOLLARS per each $20,000 UNITED STATES DOLLARS in value of UAWS purchased and paid for.

And, if funds are not available to secure many $Millions that may be needed, and even if $20,000 UNITED STATES DOLLARS are not available, a smaller purchase and payment for UAWS may be made to resolve the issue.

The reason is that when UAWS are purchased through an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR associated with a CENTER, USPES provides a 200% rebate; which, subject to approval by USPES, may be used to leverage up to the needed value.

See https://www.change2100.com/THIBMART/DIRECTORY-1/contents/en-us/d105_93.-A-POUND-OF-COFFEE-AND-MEDIUM-TERM-NOTE-TRADING-WITHIN-FIDES.html

What does any of this have to do with helping Bob’s widow?

Well, TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC hereby appoints Bob’s company, MEGALINX, with Bob’s widow now being the owner, as a THIBMART CALL CENTER (“CENTER”) and as an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR (“CONTRACTOR”), within the THI MODEL.

That means that, for every purchase of UAWS for $5,000 UNITED STATES DOLLARS or more, paid for through a deposit in commercial bank coordinates designated by USPES, as a CONTRACTOR, MEGALINX may immediately receive 16%; and as a CENTER, MEGALIMX may receive an override of 16% for UAWS purchases and payments arranged through a CONTRACTOR that does business through MEGALINX.

Through the site that has been created asking for help, Bob’s widow hopes to receive $100,000 UNITED STATES DOLLARS.

A CONTRACTOR may choose to do business under the umbrella of MEGALINX as a CENTER, and may arrange for UAWS sales.

For example, a CONTRACTOR may find just one business that wants to make a purchase valued at $50 Million UNITED STATES DOLLARS, for resale to others.

The business may purchase and pay for $20,000 UNITED STATES DOLLARS worth of UAWS so as to qualify for a $1 Million UNITED STATES DOLLARS self-liquidating loan, with USPES providing the collateral and the loan repayment; plus, a $40,000 UNITED STATES DOLLARS rebate for the purchase of the UAWS.

The business could use the full loan amount to purchase additional UAWS, so as to qualify for an additional loan of $50 Million UNITED STATES DOLLARS.

That loan amount could be repetitively used by the business, without depletion, to buy/sell items.

From the first $20,000 UNITED STATES DOLLARS purchase of UAWS to qualify for the loan, MEGALINX would receive $3,200 UNITED STATES DOLLARS, as would the CONTRACTOR that promoted the purchase.

From the additional $1 Million UNITED STATES DOLLARS purchase of UAWS to qualify for the second loan, MEGALINX would receive $160,000 UNITED STATES DOLLARS, as would the CONTRACTOR that promoted the purchase.

In short, one such customer could resolve the issue for Bob’s widow, plus put significant money into a CONTRACTOR’s pocket, plus bring in additional business from entities that may wish to similarly purchase from that client; thus providing a means of continuing income for a CONTRACTOR as well as for Bob’s widow.

Isn’t promoting UAWS a better way to provide funding?!

For more information send an email to widow@change2100.com