245. USING HSBC SBLC September 16 2021

USING HSBC SBLC September 16 2021

FIDES GESTION FINANCIERA, S.A.P.I. DE C.V. (“fides”) has a JOINT VENTURE (“JV”) through which HSBC SBLC may be issued, registered with EUROCLEAR, and may be used to collateralize or execute business.

FIDES may provide the value of HSBC SBLC, in conjunction with a UNITED STATES DOLLARS deposit (“DEPOSIT”) with FIDES, by expressly so declaring in the COLLATERAL clause of an INTERNATIONAL BILL OF EXCHANGE (“IBOE”) issued by FIDES, in which case the FIDES IBOE would be double collateralized.

The inclusion of value of HSBC SBLC as collateral for a FIDES IBOE would be stipulated by adding the following statement to the COLLATERAL clause of the FIDES IBOE:

“, and by the value of HSBC SBLC [identification] as contractually provided for use expressly for this purpose”


Requests/proposals for the issuing of FIDES IBOE thus collateralized and use thereof, or for more information related thereto, may be sent to fides-hsbc-sblc-use@change2100.com