May 30, 2021


NATURAL WIND SOLUTIONS, INC (“NWS”) offers to buy planned, freshly cut, slightly seasoned, or seasoned GREEN BONDS through FIDES GESTION FINANCIERA, S.A.P.I. DE C.V. (“FIDES”), at full face value, or at a higher value as otherwise may be negotiated, with no limitation on value of GREEN BONDS to be purchased.

All purchases will be through the selling party (“VENDOR”) contracting with FIDES as per https://www.change2100.com/THIBMART/DIRECTORY-1/contents/en-us/d84_-29.-FIDES-JVA-TEMPLATE.html and with payment being made by NWS having FIDES issue INTERNATIONAL BILLS OF EXCHANGE (“IBOE”) as per https://www.change2100.com/THIBMART/DIRECTORY-1/contents/en-us/d118_116.-FORMAT-OF-INTERNATIONAL-BILL-OF-EXCHANGE-TO-MAKE-PAYMENT-VERSION-II.html

The FIDES IBOE may be collected as per its PAYMENT clause, and the funds thus collected may be exchanged for deposits wherever the VENDOR may choose through the FIDES IBOE EXCHANGE OF VALUE clause.

Specifically, the purchase by NWS will be contingent on the VENDOR selecting the use of commerce, as indicated in the EXCHANGE OF VALUE clause, to provide full value deposited into coordinates as may be designated by the VENDOR.

More specifically, the purchase will be contingent on the execution of commerce as per https://www.change2100.com/THIBMART/COMMODITY%20SS/contents/en-us/d173_OCHO-NWS-COFFEE.html, repeated with larger values as per https://www.change2100.com/GTD/contents/en-us/d3523_CREDIT-LEVERAGING.html until the total payment scheduled for the purchase of the GREEN BONDS has been accumulated and ready to be deposited into coordinates specified by the VENDOR.

In that structure, 50% of commercial profits earned by TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC, the parent company of HOWSE SERVICES, INC, which is the parent company of NWS, are to be allocated to providing EXCHANGE OF VALUE as per that clause of the FIDES IBOE.

Additionally, NWS would allocate 50% of commercial profits earned by NWS to providing EXCHANGE OF VALUE as per that clause of the FIDES IBOE.

The GREEN BONDS do not have to be provided by the VENDOR until the OCHO-NWS-COFFEE protocol has produced the funds required for payment, ready to be deposited into coordinates designated by the VENDOR.

In the exchange of funds for GREEN BONDS, FIDES is to execute the “MERCHANT BANKING” function of “CLOSING THE TRANSACTION”.

However, in addition to providing the GREEN BONDS, the VENDOR is required to provide project specifics so that FIDES may arrange for DOCUMENTARY FUNDS involved in the process (FIDES IBOE, and SBLC that may be arranged by FIDES) to be accompanied by an “insurance wrap”, if necessary, for REVOLVING LINES OF CREDIT as required for the execution of https://www.change2100.com/GTD/contents/en-us/d3523_CREDIT-LEVERAGING.html to be negotiated.

Payments as required for insurance wraps would be provided by U.S. PROFESIONALES DE EL SALVADOR, S.A. DE C.V. (“USPES”), with all collateral backing DOCUMENTARY FUNDS involved also being provided by USPES, but the VENDOR of the GREEN BONDS must purchase $10 Million UNITED STATES DOLLARS worth of UNIFORM ADVERTISING WEEK SERVICES (“UAWS”) offered by USPES, through https://www.chips-corner.com/GIDEON/contents/en-us/d138.html; which purchase would establish a business relationship with USPES, thus justifying USPES’ financial support.

To pay for the $10 Million UNITED STATES DOLLARS worth of UAWS, the VENDOR may start with any amount from $500 UNITED STATES DOLLARS up to $10 Million UNITED STATES DOLLARS and leverage the funds as per https://www.change2100.com/THIBMART/DIRECTORY-1/contents/en-us/d105_93.-A-POUND-OF-COFFEE-AND-MEDIUM-TERM-NOTE-TRADING-WITHIN-FIDES.html

Or, depending on arrangements with insurance firms, the $10 Million UNITED STATES DOLLARS payment for UAWS may be provided from proceeds of https://www.change2100.com/GTD/contents/en-us/d3523_CREDIT-LEVERAGING.html

Or, other arrangements for payment for UAWS may be negotiated through FIDES.

For more information send an email to admin@change2100.com