Upon the purchase of every UVP, client(s) will be given access to a personal travel plan and will have full freedom and access to book any reservation through any travel agent, booking engine, travel purveyor i.e. (AAA, Expedia, Travelocity, etc. etc.) of their choosing anytime/anywhere in the world.

At the time of purchase of a UVP, client will be given a Member ID that they will need to use at every booking. After each booking is complete, it will be the client’s responsibility to give their Member ID to the representative, i.e. AAA etc.  and to instruct the representative to call the 800# (Dominion Outreach) and to give their Member ID to the Dominion Outreach representative in order to receive payment for their reservation they have just made.  

At the time a travel agent calls Dominion, the Dominion representative will request:

1. A copy of the travel itinerary and/or invoice for payment

2. Member ID

At that time the Dominion representative will submit payment and request a paid receipt from travel agent. Immediately after receipt of payment and confirmation is received, the Dominion representative will contact Member and give travel confirmation # and wish Member safe travels…and finally, Dominion representative will reconcile member’s account.  


  1. Any travel related expense authorized and booked through any travel agency, purveyor or   booking engine qualifies for payment from the clients travel fund.

  2. Dominion Outreach reserves the right to change or modify the usage limits based on future market conditions.